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1951 Chris Craft 22′ Sedan for sale (Price Reduced)

1951-chris-craft-sedan 22-ft-for-sale1951 Chris Craft 22′ Sedan for Sale (Price Reduced)

Listing date: October 12, 2021

Asking Price:  $65,000.00


Original asking price: $115,000.00

Engine: Chris Craft 350 Q

Details: Hull # S-22-297.  Full restoration with engine rebuild, new gas tank, new upholstery, full cover, and trailer.

For more information or to make an offer please contact docksideboatworks@gmail.com

Restoration History – 1951 Chris Craft 22″ Sedan:

11/9/17: BOAT ARRIVED: Boat delivered from Clayton, NY to Dockside Boat Works in Easton, MD.








2/17/17: Boat has been completely disassembled. Cabin and interior ceiling boards, furniture, and motor removed. Boat turned upside down and placed on supports. Original bottom removed, and all bottom frames are being replaced with new Mahogany.










4/12/18: Bottom framing and ¼” plywood bottom planking complete: Plywood glued and screwed to frames with 5200 adhesive.








5/3/18: Topsides stripped: planks were a mix of original worn Mahogany and replaced Cedar. Replaced with all new Mahogany planks and new oak stringers.








6/25/18: ½” Mahogany Bottom planking completed, with 2 coats of epoxy sealer. Topside Oak stringers and ½” Mahogany planks are being fitted, and secured to topsides and transom with 5200 and bronze screws.








8/27/18: New Oak stringers. Side planking almost finished. The last two pieces have a lot of twist plus bend at the bow. These were 2-ply ¼” Plywood and glued with 5200 (similar to the bottom).









10/29/18: Bottom and topside planking completed and faired. Bottom painted with 2 coats of bronze paint. Topsides are faired and have 10 of the 12 coats of varnish brushed on by hand.
Varnished topsides.










12/12/2018: Deck had a 2 ply plywood/Mahogany construction by prior owner (similar to the bottom). It only needed to be stripped, sanded, and sealed. The seams were later taped and caulked.








12/20/2018: Interior cleaned and painted with 3 coats of Chris Craft Red. New Aluminum Fuel Tank installed.









02/14/2019: Deck finished: caulked and hand-brushed with 12 coats of varnish. New dash and instruments mounted.







02/14/2019: 2-ply Transom stained, and hand brushed 12 coats of varnish.







04/09/2019: Refinished ceiling boards installed. New floorboards were made by owner laminating 2” wide x ¼” thick Mahogany to existing floorboards. Sanded smooth and varnished with 12 coats of varnish, and seams caulked.









04/19/2019: Cabin top and deck fittings installed. CC insignia and MD registration numbers, 1951 Chris Craft 22′ Sedan.








12/06/2019: Motor was completely rebuilt over the following months with new replacements parts.


Chris Craft 350 Q engine, finished.







08/18/2020: All New Upholstery by the owner: Rear seat, 1951 Chris Craft 22′ Sedan







Front seat and original steering wheel, 1951 Chris Craft 22′ Sedan.                      








Front seat, 1951 Chris Craft 22′ Sedan







Engine Box, 1951 Chris Craft 22′ Sedan






New Waterline Cover: Boat has an owner-made cover that is secured at the starboard edge of the transom with Velcro straps. Boat has a 4 wheel trailer, all bearings repacked, and equipped with surge brakes.








Boat was launched and water tested June 2021. The completely rebuilt motor was smooth at 3000 rpm for it’s water test. Steering was tight, no slack. Original prop was replaced for some unknown reason, but the original prop is included.
1951 Chris Craft 22′ Sedan test run in the Tred Avon River, Easton, MD, June 2021.
















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